Emily is a 23-year-old medical student living in London, UK. Her hobbies include singing, playing violin and saxophone, various crafts, and drinking copious amounts of fizzy wine.

Contrary to the title of this website Emily now very, very rarely gets her guitar out of the case to play rock music, but she's still pretty fond of the website name her 11-year-old self decided on.

If you want to know more about Emily or her adventures with any of the above, read her blog.

The first incarnation of this webpage happened over a decade ago (back in the days when animated gifs were basically the coolest things to ever grace the internet). It is now updated very rarely as Emily doesn't really get the time but she likes to keep it around all the same.

As you have probably noticed, Emily codes all her pages using a basic text editor (Notepad in Windows, TextWrangler in Mac). Whilst this was acceptable in the mid-nineties, it isn't really anymore, but she is continuing regardless. This has everything to do with being stubbon and nothing to do with retro/nostalgia. Besides, she had a go on Dreamweaver once, and was not impressed. And don't even get her started on FrontPage...